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This Cave Diving Page Focuses On The Springs And Sinks 
Of The Tampa Bay, FL Area

Many people know about the beautiful underwater caves of Mexico, Tallahassee and along the Suwannee River, so I'll try to provide some information on caves that you may have never heard of. As a lifelong resident of the Tampa Bay Area, I have spent many hours trying to explore all of the little limestone cracks of my immediate surroundings in search of huge new passages with decent vis...."it ain't easy"
  It's ME in Madison Blue...ya don't get picture taking vis like that around here till your below 200'


This page was created to provide information on bodies of water that have intrigued cave divers, open-water divers and non-divers alike. In no way, do I promote scuba diving at any of these locations. Even experienced cave divers are challenged by the low visibility, hydrogen sulfide, heavy silt and depth of these sites, open-water divers would surely perish. If this type of activity appeals to you, PLEASE visit the links page for NACD, IANTD or NSS-CDS site links and locate someone in your area that can properly train you to handle these conditions, I did!