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Here's just few examples of my past creations, I've always got something in progress.
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$25 Swing; $10 for the 1"x 4" handi strips that I ripped for the slats and a couple of 2"x 4"s.  $15 for Thompsons water seal & chain
Twin beds with storage below. Frame is constructed of 3/4" #2 pine. Large drawer boxes are made of 1/2"paraply, dovetailed and faced with finished pine fronts. The whole thing is sealed with Minwax Polyshades (polyurethane) honey pine for durability and easy cleaning. Features easy gliding drawer rollers with lizard pulls and a removable safety railing.
Entertainment Center with expandable light bridge, has backlighting, tempered glass doors and pull out storage rack. Constructed of 3/4 oak ply with 3/4  red oak face trim , solid oak doors and 1/4 oak ply backing all purchased at Home Depot. Finish is a medium walnut Watco danish oil.

Lighted waterbed pedestal with drawers & headboard, his & her night stands with drawers, hutch and light bridge over headboard. Gun rack with ammo storage. All outer pieces are constructed of pine, drawers are birch ply, with dovetailed joints and handmade pulls. Headboard & hutch have black mirrored backs. Finish is a tough minwax polyshade stain/urethane. All materials purchased at Home Depot
Dresser/Changing Table with attached upright cabinet built for my son. Constructed of Para-Ply with white pine facing. Drawers have dovetailed sides and self closing rollers, cabinet has adjustable shelves. Finish is Minwax Poly Shades(walnut) stain and urethane mixture, very durable.
Glass front Spice Rack 
for Jeans Lennox collection. 
Constructed of white pine
 Custom 5' privacy fence with lattice top, standard 1/2 x 6 x 6' dog-eared  pressure treated pine slats cut in half and sandwiched between dadoed 2x4's with dadoed 2x2 top rail capping a 1' x 8' section of lattice. All sections were cut and assembled on site by me over 3 weekends. Cost was $17 per 8' section, total cost for approx 170 ' with 1 gate and malibu uplighting to accent the landscape & fence was around $700

Play set for the boy's. The basic layout is from Swing-times "Cascade" model hardware kit that I picked up on closeout from Home Depot for $30. I altered the plans a bit  to get it to fit between the tree & shed and added additional "activity stations". Constructed entirely of pressure treated pine with dog-eared fence slats used for the roof (always be a good neighbor and use hurricane straps). My personal opinion on the whole pressure treated wood debate is that it's fine for most everything, just use common sense; I won't be turning any bowls and microwaving my foods in it. The most expensive item was the "space shuttle", at $99 it boosted the total price of the play set to around $275 but it's already paid for itself in smiles.
Deep bowl of Spalted Oak turned from a branch from my Oak tree - oil & polyurathane finish. Click here for a couple of images of this bowl in progress
My first Banksia pod turning, a bud vase - Oil & Beeswax finish
My first attempt at a natural edge bowl, it's cypress I believe. Tung Oil finish with nice big crack up one side... the  kids dropped it while it was still green. Click here for an image of this bowl in progress.
Small bowl made from the crotch of an ear tree. My first attempt at turning a piece of "green" wood. slowly dried it by wrapping with plastic wrap to prevent rapid moisture loss and cracking - gloss urethane finish
Spalted Oak vessel turned from an old branch from my Oak tree - natural finish
Recycled scraps of plywood glued into a block and turned as thin as I felt safe. Scraper made from a bent, long shanked screwdriver allowed me to get past neck and hollow out the body. Lip of vessel also has a tricky undercut - gloss urethane finish
Spalted Oak vessel turned from an old branch from my Oak tree - natural finish
Vessel turned from unknown wood that had been set out for the trash collector. Driveby rescues can yield a lot of surprises. Note the blowout near the bottom, at first I was disappointed but now I see that it just adds more character - oil/urethane mix finish
Vessel with a lid turned from more of the unknown wood that I found set out with the neighbors trash - linseed oil finish
Hollow vessel turned from the root ball of some type of bush that I found dumped along the side the road. It's really several branches twisted tightly, but not completely fused together. Lots of sand and rocks inside. The walls were left real thick (1/2") to avoid the certain blowout.  Oil & Beeswax finish.

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