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Deep bowl of Spalted Oak turned from a branch from my Oak tree - oil & polyurathane finish. Click here for a couple of images of this bowl in progress My first Banksia pod turning, a bud vase - Oil finish
My first attempt at a natural edge bowl, it's cypress I believe. Tung Oil finish with nice big crack up one side... the  kids dropped it while it was still green. Click here for an image of this bowl in progress. Small bowl made from the crotch of an ear tree. My first attempt at turning a piece of "green" wood. slowly dried it by wrapping with plastic wrap to prevent rapid moisture loss and cracking - gloss urethane finish
Vessel with a lid turned from more of the unknown wood that I found set out with the neighbors trash - linseed oil finish Recycled scraps of plywood glued into a block and turned as thin as I felt safe. Scraper made from a bent, long shanked screwdriver allowed me to get past neck and hollow out the body. Lip of vessel also has a tricky undercut - gloss urethane finish
Spalted Oak vessel turned from an old branch from my Oak tree - natural finish Hollow form turned from unknown wood that had been set out for the trash collector. Driveby rescues can yield a lot of surprises. Note the blowout near the bottom, at first I was disappointed but now I see that it just adds more character - oil/urethane mix finish
Funnel shaped forms - Ear tree with gloss finish and spalted oak with oil finish Hollow form turned from the root ball of some type of bush that I found dumped along the side the road. It's really several branches twisted tightly, but not completely fused together. Lots of sand and rocks inside. The walls were left real thick (1/2") to avoid the certain blowout.  Oil finish.
Pottery form with natural edge - urethane finish
Took third prize ribbon at 2007 Florida State Fair
Bowl form - Ear tree felled in neighbors yard by 2004 hurricane, oil finish
Candlestick holder turned from the dried cone of a sago palm. I salvaged the huge cone from the side of the road, turned the rough shape while wet (like a pineapple) and waited about 8 months for it to dry before finishing it up. It shrunk down to nothing. - urethane finish Tall hollow vessel turned from my beloved Italian cypress that had died from some sort of beetle infestation. A very pungent wood. Oil finish

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