Boxes and Miscellaneous Wood Crafts

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Bandwawn box - Spalted Florida live oak from the tree in my back yard.
Bandsawn box - Scrub Oak
Rocket - I salvaged the remains of a banksia pod bud vase that the boys had knocked off the shelf and destroyed, sawed off the ends, glued up some lighter wood and turned a nosecone and exhaust nozzle. Keeping with the Australian wood theme, the wings are lacewood.
Took third prize ribbon at 2007 Florida State Fair
Seahorse - I found some nice sections of freshly cut tree in front of a guy's house by Lake Tarpon and have made several items out of the light colored, yet fairly hard wood. This was done on the scroll saw with a pattern I made from a picture off the internet.
Plate - Here is a small plate salvaged from the base of a large bowl that blew out while I was turning it. It is the same wood used for the seahorse and polished up to a nice natural finish by just rubbing wood shavings on it.
Piano - Though I had a professional working on the restoration of my 1896 Cornish Piano, the decorative scroll work on the music rest was my task. The original was long gone and had been replaced with a piece of stained plywood, so I did some research and found a couple of pictures of other Cornish models with similar scrollwork. From there I used Microsoft Visio to draw a pattern that was within my capabilities and would also withstand the inevitible abuse by my kids.

Using a solid piece of mahogany was out of the question, the thin fingers would easliy break off . I eventually settled on baltic birch plywood, which I then faced with an inexpensive doorskin from Home Depot. The doorskins are actually thin mahogany and I was able to pick through the pile and find a beautifully patterned sample. Spinning a 26 in long workpiece around the 18in throat of my Dremel scrollsaw was quite a challenge.

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