The CaP Beast
Aquatech Dive Center Library By Steve Gerrard

 Cave Diver
 Training  Location  Depth  Suspected Problem
 Frank Martz
 Cave Diving Instructor  Blue Hole #4, Bahamas  300'+  Physiological
 Dean Valentine
 Cave Diver  Tarpon Springs Sink, Fl.  200"+  Physiological
 Dutch Vande Noord
 Cave Diver  Tarpon Springs Sink, Fl.  200'+  Physiological, body never recovered
 Dana Turner
 Cave Diver  Sally Ward Springs, Fl.  280'  Physiological
 Cave Diver  Hole In The Wall Cave, Fl.  80'  Physiological
 Lewis Holtzendorff
 Cave Diver  Wakulla Springs, Fl.  50'  Physiological
 Bill Hurst
 Cave Diver  Peacock #3Cave, Fl.  unknown  Confusion
 Cave Diver  Hornsby Springs, Fl.  unknown  unknown
 Dennis Wood
 Cave Diver  Diepolder I Cave, Fl.  240'  Physiological
 Jim Benz
 Cave Diver  Eagle's Nest Cave, Fl.  240'  Physiological
 Terry Collins
 Cave Diver  Eagle's Nest Cave, Fl.  240'  Physiological
 Bill McFadden
 Cave Diver  Little Dismal Sink, Fl.  60'  Physiological
 Roberta Swicegood
 Cave Diver  Arch Spring Cave, Pa.  unknown  Physiological
 Debbie Eaves
 Intro To Cave Diver  Orange Grove Sink, Fl.   65'  Confusion
 Bill Cronin
 Intro To Cave Diver  Emerald Sink, Fl.  140'  Physiological
 Lloyd Morrison
 Cave Diver  Dieploder #2, Fl.  240'  Physiological
 Brent Potts
 Intro To Cave Diver  Eagle's Nest, Fl.  195'  Physiological
 Mike Rudolph
 Cave Diver  Sac Actun, Q. Roo, Mx.  40' Confusion
 Darden Davis
 Cave Diver  Olsen Sink, Fl.  85'  Confusion
 Parker Turner
 Cave Diving Instructor  Indian Springs, Fl.  125'  The Cave
 Rolf Adams
 Intro To Cave Diver  Hole In The Wall Cave. Fl.  75'  Physiological?
 Lance Crawford
 Cave Diver  Alachua Sink, Fl.  55'  Confusion
 Jim Fernandez
 Cave Diver  Devil's Eye Cave, Fl.  80'  Physiological
 Harold R. Downs
 Cave Diver  Roubidioux Springs, Mo.  140'  Physiological
 Carl Sutton
 Cave Diving Instructor  Cenote Ucil, Mx.  250'+  Physiological
 Bill Hay
 Cave Diver  Vortex Springs, Fl.  130'  Physiological
 Ariel Goldberg
 Cave Diver  Clearcut Sink, Fl.  50'  Confusion?
 Bill Mayne
 Cave Diver  Clearcut Sink, Fl.  95'  Confusion?
 Sherwood Schile
 Cave Diver  Cheryl Sink upstream, Fl.  220'  Physiological
 Stephen Boesel
Cave Diver   Little River Springs, Fl.  105'  Confusion
 Allen Jonushaitis
 Cave Diver  Devil's Eye Cave, Fl.  65'  Physiological
 Ian Roland
 Cave Diver  Sotano de San Agustin, Mx  8'  Physiological
 Sheck Exley
 Cave Diving Instructor  Cenote Zacaton, Mx.  905'  Physiological
 Edward Swuarez
 Cave Diver  _______ Mine, W. Va.  300'  Physiological
 Dwight Fugua
 Cave Diver  Cenote Mayan Blue, Mx.  75'  Confusion
 Dan Johnson
Cave Diver   Cenote Mayan Blue. Mx  75'  Confusion
 Bob McQuire, Jr.
 Cave Diver  Thunder Hole Cave, Fl.  50'  Physiological
 37 Intro To Cave = 4 Cave Diver = 30 Cave Diving Instructor = 3
  Physiological Problem - 24 Confusion Problem - 10 Other - 3
Reviewing this statistical information and studying the accident reports, it is very obvious that the physiological problems dominate the accidents that have occurred. Because of stress or depth or a combination of these physiological problems evolve around oxygen toxicity, nitrogen narcosis, carbon dioxide build-up and hypoxic situations. The "art" of breathing and breath control played a major role in many of these accidents. Not one accident resulted from a catastrophic air loss or an equipment failure. Cumulative factors certainly existed in each case as it is never one reason. Something starts and it grows to the point where it cannot be controled. Not recognizing a present or potential danger is an important facit of SAFE CAVE DIVING.

NOTE: This potential article is being considered to be submitted to the NACD Journal, NSS-CDS Underwater Speleology and the IANTD Nitrox Diver. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE. Please check for correct dates, spelling of names, incomplete dive sites, missing names, incorrect depths, etc.. Your input, advice and corrections is appreciated very much. I may have one or two accidents missing from the early 1970's. Example: Randy Hylton. I know he died in Eagle's Nest. Date? Depth" Someone drowned in 1977. Was a roommate of David Fisk at the University of Florida. Should Sheck Exley's accident be considered a CAVE ACCIDENT? I need the NAME of the diver for the HOLE IN THE WALL accident in 1975. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP and COOPERATION.